Interesting event happening in Warsaw on June 22 - who wants to go?

I got this invitation to go to an event in Warsaw held by Jonas Staal - a Belgian artist who does really interesting work in the domain of politics. Anyone want to go and connect with people there @natalia_skoczylas @Jan @noemi @Jirka_Kocian?

Beyond the Nation-State. Transunions

The nation-state is in crisis. The state-sponsored global corporate-economy has generated intense anxiety that has fueled ultranationalist sentiment and a growing support of authoritarian regimes to “take back control.”

Simultaneously, we are faced with interrelated planetary threats, from offshore tax-havens to species-threatening climate change, that are addressed neither by corporations nor by national governments in an effective way: they contribute to their cause, rather than their solution.

Transunions gathers various organizations invested in theorizing, mapping and practicing new models of emancipatory transnationalism in the field of politics, economy, ecology, education and culture, striving to establish new models of planetary egalitarianism.

During Transunions transnational organizations, parties, civil platforms, think tanks and activist groups, gather to discuss:
– the meaning of the nation-state;
– the challenges and gains of transnational organizations today;
– the future of a new transnational union.

Gathered together around a single table, they pre-enact a new transnational order of the future into the present.

Transunions will take place in the Palace of Science and Culture on 22nd June - a monumental architecture surrounded by sculptures of internationalist revolutionaries, “gifted” from Stalin to the Polish people. From the Cold War onwards, Poland - in its alliance with the Soviet Union - invested substantially in post-colonial nations in North-Africa and the Middle East. In a time of growing ultranationalism, TRANSUNIONS redefines this internationalist heritage in light of a new transnational horizon.

Studio Jonas Staal in collaboration with Biennale Warszawa
Anna Galas-Kosil (curator), Bartosz Frąckowiak (curator)

With contributions by Dounia Kchiere (former United Nations); Fernando Burges (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, UNPO); Andrzej Nowak (philosopher, Poznan University); Abderrahim Kassou (Alternatives Forum of Morocco, FMAS); Esra Küçük (Maxim Gorki Theatre/ Young Islam Conference); Mike van Graan, (African Cultural Policy Network, ACPN); John Jordan (The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, Zone a Defendre ZAD, Notre Dame des Landes); Amgad Elmahdi (International Water Management Institute, IWMI); Diana Arce and Angelo Camufingo (Black Lives Matter Berlin); Kurdish Women’s Movement; Lorenzo Marsili (DiEM25/European Alternatives/ School of Transnational Activism), Siana Bangura (Black Lives Matter UK); Fiona Dove (Transnational Institute, TNI); Zdenka Badovinac (L’Internationale).

Co-chaired by Joanna Warsza and Chris Keulemans.

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I really wanted us to collaborate with Biennale anyway - remember a few months ago we had this discussion, and I thought of setting up a small shop that would piggyback a little bit on this event as they’re extremely interested in what they’re doing? I’d be super happy to go, and I already know the people who run the Biennale anyway so things will be easy :slight_smile:
How do we proceed?

get in touch with Jonas Staal on FB

Unfortunately my schudele is already packed for that weekend

@nadia - just to confirm, i will go to this one and stay one more day as there is a presentation of a multiciltural map of Warsaw happening as well, which I want to use to get some stories.

Also, i would like to make a second trip a week earlier to attend a convention of female farmers at biennale - i wrote to the organisers and they added me to the closed session on Friday the 14th where we will work in different groups on various issues around farming climate change and feminism. I think it would also bring many interesting angles to the whole populism conversation.

I would need around 250 eur for both of these trips. Let me know if its possible.