[International event] Join the social media outreach efforts: A status update a day takes us all the way!

If you have 3 minutes: In order to ensure that we get a high attendance, an interesting discussion and great networking for participants and exposure for community members we ask that you help us by taking three small actions that make a big contribution every day. We will send you the three steps for each day at 9:00 am CET from this email address: nadia@edgeryders.euJoin the #countonme list!

If you have 1 hour: Join the next #Twttrstrm. It’s fun, easy to do and a great way to learn about many interesting people and initiatives all over the world. Think of it as a flashmob on Social media :) Join the #Twttrstorm list!

In you have 2-3 hours: Help build the next #Twttrstrm. It’s easy, fun and a great way to drive engagement around any intiative: by getting involved you will learn how to build one from scratch! Join the #Twttrstrm team!