Internet of Humans matchmaking event - Workshop Summary from Stockholm, May 11th

Starting to post my summary and reflections here (this will be updated). The Stockholm workshop on 11th of May was preceded by a presentation by Alberto Cottica about collective intelligence which gathered about 40 people. We had a Q&A after the presentation which was very engaged and unfortunately we had to cut the Q&A in order to stat the workshop.

During the workshop we went through the following steps:

  • “Interestmapping” (What We Care About)
  • Listening Triads
  • Collaboration Mosaic A - Personal statement
  • Collaboration Mosaic B - Resource Mapping

What was shared/learned in the workshop?

I believe there was shared a collective understanding throughout the workshop that there are a lot of us “out there” who not only talk but also walk about building the Internet of Humans, to become a better place.

My reflections

Reflections since the process is that I would have liked to have done more in terms of giving room for participants to present themselves as whole humans. This time we jumped straight into talk and documentation, not really setting the stage and giving space for background – because we had a lot of ground to cover.

  • I felt that there was an immense and deep knowledge in the room. There was also representatives from all sectors of society (academia, civil, public, business, interest groups - maybe more?) which I think is a great start for an event like this. It’s requirement for leveraging system change to involve stakeholders from all sectors. I am really happy that I got the feedback from participants that they want to continue and explore collaboration, this was a seed planted to further building of relationships and collaboration and that is good as it was the intention.

  • As we had little time left after the exercises we could not share the results in plenum. However I am sure people will be interested to check the documentation online now afterwards and continue to look forward to forum discussions and the next event.

Connecting with some questions/concepts I feel are worth exploring for Internet of Humans

Some questions:

I personally see a concept (or paradigm) that I also work with as an interesting strategic approach with how and what the Edgeryders community intend to do with this project - leveraging systemic change. There is a course about this in August 21-23 2019 in Stockholm.

I have talked a little bit with @hugi about it but I want to share it with all of you. This course is more for the organizational and social level of the work, not the technical level. This connects to my thread on how to develop the Internet as a society and humanity. The thread transformed into a conceptual thread on Holochain and SSB technologies. I find it interesting that something I asked (quite abstractly) about a social issue, looking for social approaches to find social solutions, transformed into a thread about technical approaches and technical solutions to a social challenge. That points to some interesting things to me, about discernment, thinking, conversation, the field and perhaps also our tech-anthropocentric age.

I think I can see how a lot of issues stemming from being social issues are approached with technical solutions.