Internetdagarna interviews - introduction by Fika

Tell us about yourself? What are you working on and why are you at Internetdagarna?

Teachers in the science center and we have a lot of school programs that include teaching kids on how to be safe on the internet and how the algorithms of Youtube work.
Teacher training on the topics of digitisation and programming. What kind of tools they can use with their kids and how to use them to get deeper knowledge about how to learn by themselves about any topic. Internet and digitalisation is a part of that.

When did something related to the internet last make you hopefull or happy?

The first keynote speaker has mentioned to reach out to the kids and care for their health.
IBM Watson to get better at diagnostics. AI.

When did something related to the internet last make you upset, afraid or angry?

Its quite scary to see all the propaganda movies on Youtube and the fact that I haven’t seen them, or my friends didn’t seen them. So we don’t take them as a societal issue.
Seeing other going down that rabbit hole.

How a lot of smaller actors can influence the algorithms undetected.

name: Fika

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Hey Fika,

thanks for taking the time to let me interview you. Welcome to the community.
Since you’re interested in the topic of online propaganda, you might be interested in this one.

Might offer a tool for students to see behind the nature of misinformation at some point.


Welcome! You might also want to connect with @erik_lonroth and his event for Teaching Teachers Open Source.

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Good to see you here Fika. Internet literacy and it corollary, establishing and calibrating your “crap detector” are critical skills. Glad you are working with teachers and parents to raise their own levels so that they can instruct in an informed way. This is not a good time for a kid to perceive that their parents are 'out of it" in their net literacy and abilities on their devices.

A few years ago i took a trip with my teenage grandson. I was not yet facile finding my way around with the map tools on my phone. I would still write down directions. One night we were out looking for a place, and I had written it down, but incorrectly, though I didn’t think I did. My grandson had it correct on his phone. And he kept telling me but I trusted my good old way of doing things. At one point he said in an exasperated tone, “you live in the past.”

He was right on all counts. I resolved right then to not let that happen again. The only way was to bring up my skills to a more modern level.