Internetdagarna interviews - introduction by gadda12

Tell us about yourself? What are you working on and why are you at Internetdagarna?

Swedish sport fishing organisation. Member part and communication working on digital recruiting.
All the data we are talking about today, is data we also use. We use Facebook’s identified groups/interests to target the right people.

I am here to learn more about new solutions. We don’t know everything. That is a good thing about digital marketing/recruiting. You get facts back, how much did it cost, you get stats and data. We can find where our strong suit is.

When did something related to the internet last make you hopefull or happy?

That’s hard. I think many of the different forums where we post our news, and any possibility to comment, we are seeing us doing often doing the right things.

Direct contact and feedback to our users/customers. Creating a community ethos.

When did something related to the internet last make you upset, afraid or angry?

Hate in general. That people should have a right to have an opinion on everything, but not to say anything, or being offensive. Its annoying that there are no bounderies for people, because they don’t talk to them directly.

name: gadda12

Welcome, @gadda12!