Interview: Singapore Reimagined

I think for the longest time, since we’ve had such well run institutions, we’ve felt like everything needed to come from there. Like if the institutions didn’t change or cede to what we wanted, then nothing would change. But I think now things are starting to be different

Singapore’s southern skyline will be transformed yet again

FCL – hoping to get some ideas from citizens

You imagine how would you arrange the future area which is now just the terminal

Different layout!!! Not the same interactive capacity

When I was designing this, I was thinking about my daughter grown up, able to wander through hit, starting her first job, still enjoying the greenery, being next to the sea, never forgetting her heritage

Many people have different opinions, investors would probably build it super dense but people wouldn’t like that, they’d have no room to do sport. So as designers, we have these design criteria
We let people be designers, we get these design criteria, but we can see it in this design so we can really calculate, we can get other design criteria which are very useful for designers when they do the master planning

The vision for this area is that it’s not totally built by professionals, neither byinvestors, or by other authorities. We want the future city of this district to be built together with citizens
Tanjong pagar

I was the MP of REDACTED Back when I cane on there were no trains, buses eatery, coffeeshop, minimart in all of punngol It was a really underdeveloped part of singapore

FF to 2018, one of SG’s first ecotowns. Focuses on sustainable living through water, waste management

Punggol digital district is located in norht og punggol (David Tan, JTC) — we look at it as one continuous master plan. We want to co-locate and integrate various uses into one district. Business park university community spaces all integrated to gether. We are trying to rpovide data-- from sensors and buildings. Make these data avaiblable for students, researchers, business, to create different apps products and services

One of the biggest things im excited about is that this project brings together different people – university, businesses, to come together to share resources and ideas.

Infrastructure assets
- Solar power
- Pneumatic waste
- Smart grid
- Car light
- Geared toward cyclists and escooters
- Dirverless public buses
- Public goods delivered by robots

Further into future in hands of younger generation

VR, oculus rifts

Lab on wheels-- national programme inspiring singapore’s future creatives/technologists by exposiing them to emerging technologies

“hands on experiences for primary and secondary schoolers to play with technology. Some activities include coding a game, programming a robot, tinkering with electronics This year we launched AI bus and immersive media bus.”

“world’s first AI assisted bus”
- Disaster scenario
- But AMAZON!! It’s alexa.

Spur them to think more critically about how they can use technology. Double edged sword== technology could be setbacks or people left behind, security issues that they really have to think about.

Must know right aim for technology. Good purpose, bad purpose.

Tap into collective consciousness, pay attention to what all singaporeans have to say