Intl Learning Village at Statenberg Manor/Slovenia - August 2014

3rd iteration of the learning village, initiated by members of the Art of Hosting network.

Find out about the when, where, how and why of co-living in a castle in Slovenia this August by visiting our incredible cool website:

Date: 2014-08-22 22:00:00 - 2014-08-29 22:00:00, Europe/Ljubljana Time.


when is that ?

@labanita  when is that going to happen and is there any link with more info about it plz :slight_smile:

Learning Village in Staneberg Manor this August

good morning Hazem

I will try to overcome my challenges with this platform.

here the link to our website for the Statenberg learning village,

It starts on 23 August, the core time will be until 30 August, BUT — feel free to arrive earlier, stay longer, come and go in between!

looks interesting. Do you know if anyone is driving from FR/BE?

Thanks for posting information about this here Ulli. Im not sure I can make it but would like to. It depends on costs etc. Do you know of anyone driving from Belgium or France?

Thanks Uli!

Same here, I’ve never been to Slovenia, so hopefully I can couple with someone leaving from the area. Also checking planes, but summer costs are quite high. Let’s see, will keep you posted!

how to go to Slovenia

hello Nadia and Noemi,

you can enter yourselves as maybe partcipating in the googledoc and voice transportation needs.

we are working on getting word out and would mention what is asked in the list in the next newsletter

hope to see you there!