Introducing: Earthpreneurs Community

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

It’s always nice to get connected with like minded people who envision on making a difference in world. I was recently introduced to Young Sustainable Impact while applying to Innovation Program 2018. I then also came to know about “Earthpreneurs”.

Earthpreneurs is a group formed by the non-profit organization Young Sustainable Impact to provide a platform for driven people focusing on sustainability and entrepreneurship. The goal of Earthpreneurs is to facilitate partnerships, friendships, and opportunities for youth - to create a sustainable world for everyone.

Mission: to empower youth to create measurable impact
Vision: A thriving sustainable world

Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) was started in 2016 by a group of youth in Norway who saw the cop21, Paris conference and looked ahead.As described by @AlexMoltzau who is Chief Communications Officer of Young Sustainable Impact - [Earthpreneur]
(Redirecting...) is a person which intends to make sustainability business as usual. First by addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals issued by the United Nations.

Let’s welcome @AlexMoltzau in our edgeryders and get connected to know more about the Earthpreneurs Community :slight_smile:


Look forward to undertstanding more of the Edgeryder community.

I am also btw Chief Communications Officer for the organisation so I deal with all communications across the organisation. However my main focus is within community since I find it the most fascinating aspect of the current communications landscape.

Thank you for this great introduction Anu.

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Welcome to Edgeryders, Alex. (And big thanks to @Anu for making the connection!)

I understand that every community has its own very own style and vision, but you’ll find elements of both entrepreneuring and caring about sustainability also here in Edgeryders. As food for thought, and as an example of what you can find here about these topics:

Personally, I have thought a lot about sustainability, and arrived at this bottom-up vision for a solution. As everything else, this is a purely grassroots / DIY solution, and for that reason also does not start from top-down imposed sustainability goals such as those proposed by the UN (though I acknowledge what they are trying to do in the hierarchical top-down society out there). Specifically for entrepreneuring, I also wrote “Fifty-eight new business ideas for Nepal”.

(On another note, in case you hit the limits of running your online community as a Facebook group, we might be able to help.)


Oops sorry! Edited it now :slight_smile:

Wow, that is an incredible opportunity @matthias, I never thought that was a possibility!

If you want to meet up I’m at the CET time zone I am readily available on Facebook:

I think the platform you have made is quite fascinating, and would love to learn more about who you are and your thoughts. You seem to have some clear opinions which may provide some insight.

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Welcome from me, too, @AlexMoltzau. You sure got the name “Earthpreneurs” right!

I’m curious: how long have you been going?

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Hey Alberto, we are still very fresh. We started the initiative after the COP21, paris conference in the end of 2015. Then we organised a conference in the summer 2016. After that we slowly formed an organisation that grew into a movement. Look forward to getting to know you, and I find this community fascinating – what you have built here is truly marvelous. It makes me smile:)


@AlexMoltzau, sorry for the late reply. As you can see from the quote below, in the meantime we had some unexpected tech issues with the “self-branded platform” solution I mentioned to you. So while technically possible, I cannot recommend this to you currently … we first need to do some more work on the tech side :worried: Which will happen if and when we find a client who will co-fund this work.

However, I’m happy to have a talk with you in the next days. Will be interesting to talk to you for sure, and maybe we find other good ideas to collaborate, as well.


@AlexMoltzau do you already have an idea as to how we might start getting to know each other? Common projects? Event?

Hey @matthias and @alberto would love to meet you both.

Feel free to send me a suitable time for you between 09.00-17.00 CET monday-friday.

Also we have a volunteer team of developers, and I don’t know if you could provide any assistance to them?

They are really cool people from all around the world that just recently got together to asisst the movement. First through creating a website mapping all the hackathons globally.

Common projects, yes! We are organizing a global Earthpreneurs hackathon 24 - 25 - 26 of August.

If we can organize more hackathons across the world at the same time it would be amazing.

What could I help with? I see you have quite a few projects going on and I am sure I could direct some of the members on the Earthpreneurs group towards those.

Anyhow, send me a vid-time that would be good for you. Cheers!


Hello @AlexMoltzau, I am battling a busy schedule due some deadlines… can we kick this back to late March?

Hey @alberto I see we got no further after this in March. I sort of drifted out of the Edgeryders community yet I still want to meet and understand. I have sent you a message on pm. :slight_smile: