Introducing Flax (Flexible Language Acquisition) Tool

Hi Edge Ryders

I am a computer scientist PhD graduate. We have developed an open-sourced Flax textual analysis tool ( at Waikato University in New Zealand. And we are looking for the collaboration opportunities to work on the digital social innovation topics.

Thanks for letting us join the community!


Hi @Min-Hsien, nice to see you at Edgeryders’ Campfire! Just to give a bit of context to all of the Edgeryders, we met in person today in Hamilton and and talked about #flax, #GraphRyder and the idea of investigating digitalsocial innovation in urban ecosystems for potential trans-oceanic links. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the community!

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Hi @chiara.certoma

Thank you for introducing this great communities, and I have explored several good projects, such as GraphRyder dashboard. Great to see so many cool tools.


Hello @minhsien,

great to have you here! We always want to facilitate and help new collaborations! A good way to get that done would be if you share a bit more about yourself, your motivations interests and the things you are working on in the “My Story” category so it is easier to connect and share with the other community members :).

Maybe lead or close with a question you are interested in so we can immediately start a discussion in which the right minds can meet :).

Great to have you here and all the best!

Hi @MariaEuler,

Thanks for the advice. I have updated my profiles and gave a short description. We are a working team for Urban narrative project in New Zealand, and love to adapt or develop analysis tools to find the root cause of the problem, and come up with a better decision and plan.

Regarding to the research question, we are still at exploring stage and are very interested in @chiara.certoma ideas about digital social innovators and would like to work on it.

Thank you for warm welcome!