Introducing hand gesture in meetings

Hi @reeflings !

For some time now, Team Facilitation has had the intention of introducing hand gestures to meetings, and there is finally a proposal to move forward with this. In fact, we are already using a some of them, but this adds a few more:

As the proposal notes, using hand signals can make meetings run more smoothly and allows everyone to quickly display a response without having to speak out loud. The use of hand signals in meetings will be particularly beneficial for the Reef for two main reasons: there will come a time when we may have meetings that involve 50-60 people; and for online meetings, where rounds can take more time than is perhaps available.

The idea is to become proficient in utilising them as a smaller group now, so as to be better prepared for when they are needed in the future.

Could @RichardB, @Sebas and @Susanne_P have a look at it as part of the peer review process? All feedback welcome…



thanks! it’s a great idea . maybe too many signs for the first introduction.we could start with the most important ones first