Introducing: Pressformore, a new type of news platform

Pressformore is a news-platform focused on interactions between readers and publishers to create meaningful information. We aim to restore trust in journalism(s) (professional, citizens) by letting readers and journalists design information together.

We’re building tools to let everyone create, filter, share, propose, fund informations you really care about.

  • For readers: ·         

There is too much content. This hinders the reader to quickly access relevant information. News sites with quality news have mostly begun adopting expensive subscription fees or a paywall system. Free news sites are full of advertising and mostly offer an exponential number of poor and unoriginal news stories. The lack of resources and funding through advertising pushes publishers to focus on emotional news. There is no room  for long-tailed information, deep matters or constructive debates anymore.

  • For publishers (journalists, bloggers, etc.) ·        

The sector is in crisis. Most editors are either not or poorly paid for their work. ·         Numerous constraints (time, resources, editorial , etc.) greatly affect the quality and reliability of information produced by traditional media. The massive explosion of blogs and citizen journalism make the sector more competitive than ever . ·

All these factors make it very difficult for journalists to accomplish their social and democratic function. Therefore, this situation represents a real danger to the future of our society. We deeply believe in a global shift in the way we create and consume news in everyday life is needed. It’s urgent to renew the approach and start over with a new model. A model that includes you and modern tools so journalism could become what it should never have ceased to be: creation of responsible information by and for responsible citizens.