Introducing the Op3ncare Fellowship Programme

UPDATE January 2017: During May - November 2016 OpenCare has supported community members to produce high quality narratives about how groups everywhere go about tackling social and health care problems in their communities, from the bottom up. We are currently gearing up for the next phase, until then you can meet and connect with some of the Fellows:

Op3nCare is a global movement dedicated to making health and social care collaborative, proactive and accessible to everyone.

We believe that the future of health and social care is community-based and participatory. We are committed to the idea that care should not be handed down from institutions to the people but emerge organically from the people according to their needs. Op3nCare  is dedicated to making this happen.

There are several ways you can get involved. You can post projects to our community to receive feedback and support from a diverse network of people all over the world, or attend one of our events to share your experience and learn from others in person.

We now invite participants to submit projects to the Op3nCare Fellowship. 

Op3n Care Fellows will receive financial and in-kind support for researching and documenting projects, the opportunity to present at our event in Milan in 2017, and most importantly, access to a community of the brightest innovators in the field of community-driven care.

How to Submit: Simply post your project to our community. If selected, you will undertake a rigorous analysis of the project, so you must have in-depth knowledge of and access to it. We are looking for Fellows who are passionate, curious and driven. This isn’t for people with opinions about how the world should be but isn’t - we are looking for those who are actively making a difference. You can learn more about the Op3nCare Fellowship here.

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