Introduction: How to frame your challenge

In this exercise you are required to take a care-related question of your own choosing, and develop it into a design challenge. Not sure what a design challenge is? Have a look at p.31-33 of the Human Centred Design Field guide before you start building it by answering 5 questions:

  1. What is the problem/question you are trying to solve/explore? Frame it as a design question!

  2. State the ultimate impact you would like to have. What would make you feel like you did something meaningful with your time?

  3. What are some possible solutions to your problems or ways to answer your question? Think broadly. It’s fine to start a project/learning process with a hunch or two, but make sure you allow for surprises.

  4. Write down some of the context and constraints that you are facing. They could be geographic, technological, time-based, or have to do with the population yo’re trying to reach.

5. Does your original question need a tweak? Try it again.

To complete this task pick your question (GWK and UDK students select one question each from this list), open a word processing document, and write your answers to the questions above in it. Next, find an image you feel is related to your design challenge (JPG format, 600×400 or larger).

When you are happy login to, click on the “Add my story button” below and upload your contribution. If you have any questions email