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I am Neel and I am a PhD researcher in the field of applied AI for respiratory care. I am very enthusiastic about the impact that AI technologies have brought in our daily lives, with many more yet to come. However, I am also skeptical of the media-frenzy around AI, especially in healthcare. I would love to discuss some of these challenges so that we adopt a cautious approach in implementation of AI technologies to improve healthcare.



Hi Neel and welcome to Edgeryders :slight_smile:

The preparations for the workshop are revving up so you show up at just the right time.

The way are doing this is that we share first hand experiences that involve the technologies we are discussing from our work or personal lives. And leave thoughtful comments on the posts shared by other participants. To help us move the thinking forward and craft a number of case studies based on the information we collect from the different posts and discussions. These case studies then form the basis for the workshop itself so that we have a common foundation for a grounded, evidence based discussion.

My suggestion would be to start by looking through what others have posted, select one or more posts which interests you and leave a comment on it. It is important to depart from personal experience or bodies of work that you have come across:

Hello @Neel, welcome! I am Alberto, one of the old-timers here. I hear you, media-frenzy is not pretty to look at. Do you have any experience of dubious, or even damaging, application of AI to health care? I would be very curious to know moreā€¦

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