Introduction post for NGI project and spring event 2019 in Sweden




My name is Mattias Axell and I am a returning community user at the Edgeryders community platform from earlier interest and endeavors some years ago.

Since my earlier interest in Edgeryders I have studied the entrepreneurial programme at Kaospilot in Denmark. During my studies there I started engaging in government transparency connected to freedom of information and open data. I have previously worked as a producer in 3D industry, with events such as hackathons, hosted and moderated conference tracks, helped out with workshops, held courses, lectures and seminars at different conferences and events regarding widely ranging topics.

I am introducing myself here as part of my new part-time project to collaborate with @hugi and arrange an event for the NGI project during 11th of May 2019. I currently also work part-time with Civic Tech Sweden where I am trying to gather a community and network in Sweden for free software and open source initiatives but also in general tech initiatives which tries to create more and different kinds of value for society.

I will be working with @Hugi at the office at the House Blivande in Stockholm during some set dates and hours and sporadically online so my response time will maybe not be so fast.


Welcome back :slight_smile: