Introductory video on the Distributed collaboration MOOC

In this project we have a little budget to make one or more introductory videos for the MOOC.

I suggest a Stockholm-based operation:

  • @mariaeuler to lead the charge: what should go in there? What is the appropriate language? Etc.
  • @jakobskote, possibly with @hugi, to realize it.

Budget: 3,400 EUR. The duration could be, I don’t know, about 4 minutes? The idea is that people would watch it and think “wow, this is interesting, let me access the lessons and the knowledge base, I can learn something here”. Delivery and payment to happen before the end of the year for administrative reasons.

If you accept, we will:

  1. Add the additional task and compensation to Maria’s contract.
  2. Prepare a contract for Jakob.

Delivery for the filming? I am doing the workshop to write the scripts with climate KIC on the 19th in the morning and in the evening I will leave for Germany. I will continue from there to write on the management guidelines which are a requested deliverable from CKIC before the 30th, but they said they are going to film their videos in the new year.

I could deliver the scripts by the end of the week (would sunday also suffice?), but won’t be able to help with the filming.

@jakobskote, could you take care of that?


Hmm, is this the animation @hugi was mentioning to me a few months ago? Or is it another project? What is the task more exactly?

I highly doubt it will be possible to deliver anything before the end of the year unfortunately.

Another project.

More someone speaking on camera, with texts provided by us. But I don’t really care about the format, as long as it is clear.

Okay, that might be possible to deliver before the end of the year. I am away until the 23d, so after Christmas. I only have one day available for this, but if it’s just a “talking head” setup it’s doable.

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ok, so I could provide the scripts for such a “talking heads” set up. Which dates where you planning on filming?

I need a bit more info first - who am I filming, is there any other requirements, is it only me on set, etc?

So what I would be thinking of would be filming a person delivering the script for the best practices similar to this: (the videos do not work, but you see the setting.) So making a nice workspace setup, maybe a whiteboard if necessary, potentially not. than I would send you a ca. 500 word (3-4 min) intro script about how to behave in distributed collaborations and what to expect in the course. I do not have much time to add explanations or directions, would be text and you and/or the person on camera will have to deliver it nicely so it is a good intro video to head the lessons and for sharing. But I do not have much time that I can put into this until the 24th. 1 maybe two working days. I could potentially skype in for half an hour or an hour when you are filming if there are any questions. But you would need to take care of the rest.

Oh I see, so I’m producing as well. So to clarify before we decide on anything:

  • 4 minutes of standard “talking head” setup against a nice background.
  • One English fluent actor delivering the script
  • No animations / or other stuff
  • Just one shot (with some edits to make it flow)

Q: What would be the pay for me and the actor?

I will ask around but it’s quite short notice and most people are away for Christmas, so I can’t promise I will find someone.

Actually, @jakobskote and @MariaEuler, here is something: OK to deliver say by January 15th. We will have to pay you by December 31st, and we will trust you to deliver even after being paid.

I hereby nominate @MariaEuler as managing the budget, which is of 3,400 EUR. This covers Maria’s writing and everything video related. The videos could also be two, if you so decide.

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I am having a meeting now that will show if I have the opportunity to design and realise a workshop series to get diverse people interested in design through unconventional exercises all across Sweden. Could be that I have to deliver that around the same time and that would probably not give me enough time to do both correctly. I will get back to you on this this evening.

Ok, update: the other project won’t take too much time in January. So I can do it. Could potentially even do the talking. What do you think Alberto? Do you want an actor or could I do it like in the “meet your instructor” videos? My accent is of course far from perfect. But than we might have more leftover for nice editing, maybe adding some text and a graphic ?

@jakobskote, could we maybe have a call on the morning of the 23rd?

From experience I always think its better if someone that is engaged in a project explains the project, so if you have time I think we should go with you Maria!

Will you be at Blivande 23d? I will come there around lunch so we could do a meeting then.


I am back in Germany until the 30th. We could have a skype call on the weekend or the 23rd to discuss what we need and when.

I could also add some more short intro’s to the lessons if I do the talking. I think that might be the best option :slight_smile:

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Here the logos and brand guidelines that need to go in the video:

EIT-Climate-KIC-Brand-Guidelines-A4-lowres.pdf (4.0 MB)

ping @jakobskote

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