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I have seen this post has already its form but it contains a broken link and I do not know how to correct it. The link under “alien economy on Earth” should point to this page and not to the empty one where it points now.

ping @owen @MariaEuler

Works for me ???

Weird. If I click it on the form (not on the original page) it takes me here which appears to be an empty page.

Not weird at all. On the form, the link points to (which is obviously empty), instead of If you have edit privileges, change it. If not, ask @owen. It might even be a bug, if the Webkit adds a default first part of the URL.

Yes, that is why I posted. I do not know how to correct that because I am not yet that familiar with the Discourse to go mess with it.

this link is just the with 13876 wich is the number at the end of the page it points towards: The Catalan Integral Cooperative: another alien economy on Earth?. this is not how the forms work. YOu have to set up the code post, in the code post you insert the number from the post it is supposed to direct to and the tell.from address then uses the number on the end of that code post.

see the step by step guide here:

and once a form is generated it should be added to the inventory here with those links:

  1. tell.form link
  2. link to code thread for this form
  3. link to page it points to + evt. link to post the text is sourced from

this makes troubleshooting a lot easier

so the dead link you are refering to lacks a codepost. NO idea if it was made and just the= wron number used or if it was not made.

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this way we are linking directly to the post, which is absolutely fine if you do not want to link to a form. Was it meant to got to a form or not?

IMO only to the post is ok. I think two forms that lead to the same event can only confuse the eventual user


where is the code source for that form? so it can be changed.

This is the post where it comes from.

but in this post the link works, and in the form not. Ah, ok, this is why @owen has to check it.

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@ivanc @MariaEuler

It’s not an issue with the forms software that needs to be fixed - all the form does is render the text from a post on platform - and it does that in a very literal manner. That means any errors or shorthand that are in that post, will be rendered in the form text. If you go to the source post, you’ll see the link is not an absolute link:

That may be ok on the discourse platform, but if it’s being rendered in a separate application on a different domain and server, a relative url will remain a relative url to that domain. The same applies to images, a relative path will not work as we saw last week.

Tldr: change [alien economy on Earth](/t/13876) to [alien economy on Earth]( and you’re good to go.

Hope that clears it up!

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Thank you

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hello, @MariaEuler, could you produce a tell.form for this, please?
We need a signup section for the webinar (in the first days of December).

@IvanC, should the text on the form be this whole post? It is a bit unclear as a text asking people to sign up + to have people sign up an actual date would probably be good.

Is there any specific question you want them to answer when signing up?

We will use this as a “save a date” for the people who have expressed interest in the Worldbuilding Academy (or are already registered). It would be good to have it ready for Wednesday morning when we will definitely fix a date. So, if you produce the form with a complete text and the signup space, I will then add date and time when I have them.

Definitely not the whole post. Field number one, radio button: “Yes, I want to take part in ’
How to build a world: a webinar with the Worldbuilding Academy’s core team”. Field number 2, text: “My idea/suggestion for building the world.”


@alberto, @MariaEuler

Does this text work? tell for webinar 2.odt (14.1 KB)

@IvanC Ivan, it is still rather long. I made it a bit shorter, the backstory of how the idea came about is not necessary here. Just the content of this webinar itself:

How to build a world: a webinar with the Worldbuilding Academy’s core team

Dear SciFi-Economics and alien economy enthusiasts and futurists,

In the first week of December, we are organising a webinar to present the initial concept and initial thoughts on our project to channel out-of-the-box economic thinking into creating a fictional world and seek feedback from the community.

Out of many applications, we decided to make Yudhanjaya Wijeratne our future writer in residence. He championed the idea to involve more people in the process.

We created a team with the task to prepare, and pre-populate an online space where everyone is invited to contribute with ideas, analysis, references, visuals, to build an open-source world. The webinar will serve to present the initial stage and the concept of participation.

You are invited!

radio button: “Yes, I want to take part in the workshop’

"My idea/suggestion for building the world:”

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