Invitation to a new creative europe partnership

Hey hey!

I just got invited by a pretty impressive consortium of partners to join their meeting in Riga and become part of their new project. I am thinking of joining - maybe if ER wanted to work on this, I could use some of our budget and go join the meeting? I assume it would be around 300 eur. Here is brief info:

On the 17-21 of September, all members of the roof organization AIM will be meeting in Riga.

Members are all managers of large scale artist run organizations such as:

ARA Berlin/tell Aviv

Supermarket art fair Stockholm

1689 Amsterdam

  • And more u can see at the AIM site.

We will discuss our creative eu application for eu network, that will center on 1. Workshops for artist run initiators 2. On line knowledge center creation 3. The EU culture capital collaboration program.

This 3 day symposium will result in a statement paper and plans to go forward with the application.

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@Jasmina you worked for the Supermarket art fair right? Is this something that might interest you?

Yaay. Definitely go for it,
We learned its much easier to be in established partnerships, where those in the lead can mange the whole proposal writing application,


Please see my post here: Upcoming Creative Europe Funding - #2 by Nskocz

This current call - yet to launch, insofar as I am aware - is a parternship with the EU, Creative Europe and British Council.




Yes! I worked for Supermarket Art Fair and i know some people who are there. Would definitely be interested in this kind of project. @natalia_skoczylas could you send us more info when you have?

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Absolutely! Just booked my flights, will be at the meeting between 17th and 20th - will be posting with details from there. Excited, also happy to hear we have people in common - was it a good experience to work with them?

Yes, definitely! Although I was volunteering there for a short period of time. But they seem like a great team and they really take care of their volunteers! I also recently talked and exchange contacts on other occasion with one of the directors, Andreas Ribbung.