Upcoming Creative Europe Funding

Hi all,

Is anyone collaborating for this new call?

I am attending an information session and workshop about it in the UK on the 18th Sept.

The session will:

  • Develop and test project ideas that respond to Creative Europe’s priorities and your existing programme and activities

  • Hear current Cooperation Projects partners share their experience of delivering Creative Europe-supported projects

  • Create an action plan for your organisation for the approach to the deadline

I can provide feedback here.



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hey hey, thank you so much for offering and yes, please bring back some information! its great to know we can again collaborate with the UK partners, at least for now.

I will be for sure taking part in the consortium you already saw since I am anyway co-founding a seat of ARA in Berlin at the moment. For now edgeryders would play either a role of a lead organisation or surrogate ara for the time being.

There is also the Museum of Corruption project, one of the initiators contacted me via fb earlier this year asking if I would like to take over making sure that the project succeeds in this round.

You can read a bit more about it here - but in the process, as edgeryders lost creative space in it and I have no time to fight for it, my role is now to review and tighten the application when it’s ready. It’s coming along extremely slowly, but there is hopefully enough time for it.

Are there any ideas you have in mind? I started collaborating with a whole new crew of artists and activists in Berlin and we recently founded an organisation that specialises in sustainablility, openness, art, and education, but also futuristic and utopian visions for the future - very broadly. We do a lot of small events where we combine art and city cleaning, or we clean the river with a boat, and now we are building a huge educational and artistic installation that will be standing for a week in front of the Parliament during the massive climate strike in Berlin next weekend, with small poetry and reading situations and a commons/freedom workshop and installation by my Brazilian friends… The city already loves us :} This is just a teaser, there’s plenty more and it just keeps on growing. If you would like, we can think of a project for pluralistic futures - which can really touch anything that deals with the kind of world we want to shape and live in.

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Thanks for thinking of Edgeryders Jason, sounds great. In addition to what Natalia said, one thing which we have downplayed or not emphasized enough in our attempts to go for culture funding is what really made ER into an established organisation - the ability to harness collective intelligence around a given topic, mainly through research - online ethnography and semantic social network analysis.
Not sure if Creative Europe has the space for this kind of partner, or the resources! but something to keep in mind because it’s what created a niche and solid reputation for us in other EU funded projects. Otherwise, all of the ideas above :slight_smile:

Hi Jason,

I’m also U.K. based and interested in seeing if there’s a consortia bid coming up that might work with the ideas that I’m pursuing down in Bedford.
Especially if it ties in with wider Edgeryders programmes (trust inPlay, earthOS) that we’re also exploring as a creative arts venue and placemaking organisation.
Let me know what you find out at the meeting today.