Invite active debate

It is true that voter apathy amongst youth is a widespread problem. Boundless reported on this matter from the perspective of the UK 2015 General Election.

There is no ‘one’ solution, but one way to mitigate apathy is to provide a platform for political issues to be debated, with marginalised groups having an opportunity to have their concerns heard. Most media is politically alligned and of the ‘neutral’ sources there is little or no space for different parties to convey their ‘solutions’ to social/economic problems, and for people to respond.

Boundless magazine aims to address this by giving each separate party a space to comment, working on an equal rotation basis. Set themes are given in advance, from housing and welfare to environmental issues and beyond. After each issue people can send in responses, with a new party being given featured thereafter.

When people feel that they can make no difference, or where they abandon all hope in their elected representatives, is the true demise of democracy. Keeping that ember of participation and trust alive is crucial to preventing outright dictatorship.

And yet…

… participation is not what it used to be. Lowered costs of coordination and near-free access to knowledge mean you can respond not by putting pressure on political leaders to do stuff, but by doing stuff yourself.

@lasindias has proposed market activism, a form of engagement that is highly sustainable because you get paid to engage! At Edgeryders, some of us resonate with this – indeed, this is why we have our own social enterprise, and are trying to make it long-term sustainable.

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