IOH website update request

Next week (Wednesday 7/8) a call between the FundingBox, Martel, Nesta, the Commission and us is happening to discuss the co-existence of the two platforms. This is important since we need to make our case and (hopefully) agree on the main missions, distinction and complementarity of these two platforms. For this reason, and to be equally represented and visible on the main NGI website, it would be good to have our funnel website ready - both in terms of content and branding, in order to include it (with the corresponding domain) on the NGI website.

Following this discussion and considering the new update regarding the logo to be used, my question is to @owen - is there any way to make this happen beginning of next week?

good thing owen didnt change the colour scheme of the minisite.

@owen could you please let us know about this question by tomorrow please?

@marina if you can give me access to this thread:

and this thread:

I can help you… I’m in the middle of several things at the moment, but if it’s clear what needs to be changed on the website I can get back to you with an even clearer answer…

done! thank you!