IP and Software Code Management

When : 24 February 2021 Wednesday at 10:00AM (CET)
Where : Online

During this webinar, we will discover the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) license standard, which allows us to standardise the nomenclature of licenses and “compute” their compatibility. Using this standard, we will learn about the different practices used by developers to license their codes. Furthermore, we will see how to use the “version control system”, the most important tool used by the developer to audit and understand the creation of source codes.

These elements will guide us to build the software bill of materials, a key element while managing your intellectual property. Finally, we will walk through different tools that can be used in this task.

When : 24 February 2021 Wednesday at 10:00AM (CET)
Where : Online


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Sébastien Campion
Expert Architect at PwC

Sébastien is an Expert Architect at PwC since 2019 with over 15 years of professional experience in designing, building, and implementing large scale solutions.

Prior to joining PwC, he was a Research Engineer in Cybersecurity and Machine Learning at INRIA, the French Research Institute in Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics. He has worked on infrastructures and applications dedicated to large scale analysis.

Sébastien also has extensive knowledge and skills in open-source development and architecture.

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PwC like the PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC?

I use SPDX and the FSFEs reuse tool, but sometimes doubt if I am not feeding the Tragedy of the Commons with it, as basically I just make it easier for big players and their legal departments to use the stuff - which might be benefical when the big players are fair players but this might not always be the case (see Amazons influence on MongoDB and Elasticsearch, e.g. old random 2019 article https://thenewstack.io/what-the-fork-amazon/ ).

Small Companies that feel connected to open source usually do not have that problem - computation of license compatibility does matter most if your aim is to use public stuff while being “allowed” to develop private stuff around/with it and monetarize your secret changes/addition.

Anyway, cool event!

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Hi @TETRA would you be up for asking Sébastien if he could log in and answer sone questions like Felix’s one below?