Is the consortium meeting confirmed?

Hello all, since we now know we are going to be in Brussels on March 10th for the review, are we going ahead with the consortium meeting in Geneva on March 13th?

Since we now know we are going to be in Brussels on March 10th…

I would postpone the meeting in Genève on March the 13th, unless Marco and the Scimpulse team had already taken decisive steps in this direction, of course…

March will be a very busy month for us.

What do you think?


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Not good

I hope the Geneva meeting will take place as planned. Changes at the last minute is rarely a good idea as they there are cascading effects (they are sometimes especially troublesome for small organisations as EHFF as there are no backup staff. In this case I had to decline to be on the grading committe at a dissertation in order to attend). In addition - as the entire day in Brussels is to be reserved for the audit there might not be much time for other discussions then.  It might be equally hard to find dates that suits everybody in April or May.

some cons


some cons (IMHO) having the Consortium Meeting just after the Review in BRU:

1 it’ll be difficult moving for some days so closely (MILANO - BRU / MILANO - GEN )  - also because I’ll expect that we are having a Reharsal meeting in BRU on March 9. We’ll be out of our “home base” for something around 4-5 days.

2 the post-review will probably need some days to cooled down and reflect before meeting again and discuss the “last” activities of opencare

Some pros

@markomanka and @Costantino – I understood you were organizing some event at CERN on the occasion of this meeting (or was it only SCIMPULSE?) Please let us all know.

It’s true being away form our home base for some days imposes some constraints.

It is true also people already have gotten organized (cf Erik).

The opportunity to meet quickly after the review can also be quite good so we still are in the spirit, so we may take decision and action.

We may not consider postponing the meeting too far in time, we already have a meeting scheduled in June.

The best is to try really hard to stick with the March 13-15 dates.

Roger that

Acknowledged. We keep the dates and move on.