Isn't this category naming wrong?


Product Design category discussion are mainly discussion coming from UDK workshop.

Can we change the name of this category in something like UDK workshop?

This change was proposed by @nadia. Over to her.

Product design is a category [ie Meta category]. The idea here is to keep things simple until there is a need for more distinctions. You can propose in a subcategory for what you want and we can discuss it internally in the team. If there is a consensus then it is created. Works?

Oh sorry, ^^ was directed to @costantino

Hi @nadia

The issue came from the other “categories” (ie open insuline, how-are-you-using-diy-opensource-solutions, maker-in-residence) that are partially in the Product Design.

From what I’m seeing the category are more similar to the old challenges therefore almost all the post are related to the UDK challange and activities.

Correct me if I’m wrong @matthias but a post can be in a category but can have many tags. If I correctly understand my suggestion is:

  • category are for the main campaign / challenge or sub campaign / sub challenges
  • use “meta” tags coming from the old website (i.e challenge response)
  • leave to the community give “topic” tags (it can be messy therefore can be useful having guidelines) so for example a community manager or the author can tag “open rampette” post that are in different categories.

You got that right: topics are in exactly one category, but can have multiple tags.

Guidelines for user-contributed tags are needed (and coming). For now, you can use project-* tags to keep project content together. For example: `project-open-rampette".

(The meta tags like challenge response will vanish eventually. We only need them for a time after the software migration for content sorting tasks.)

ping @nadia