ISNTD Festival workshop documentation

This is where we’ll be documenting the Edgeryders workshop at the ISNTD Festival, 27 March 2018 at the Wellcome Trust London.


First collaborative mosaic


  • Something I feel I’m really good at making people feel comfortable.
  • I really appreciate help with bringing my vision to life.


  • I would like to learn how to potentially use open science in a wider context. How to develop open source education that people can use and adapt themselves.
  • What often frustrates me - moved from medical into science faculties - universities have a focus to bring students to them - rigid system, some of my work falls outside those boundaries, often difficult to ask for help.


  • The part of my work that I enjoy is when I get the opportunity to do something I feel benefits other people and not just myself. I worked with Jonas and we went to Milawi filming the eradication of elephantitus - one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve done.


  • What often frustrates is that everyone here is clearly committed to global health but so many of us are still working with a system that is broken, problematic and uneven.
  • Perhaps together we could simply let whatever emerges from this workshop emerge, and not hold onto certain measures of success but trust that what unfolds from here can have an impact.

Listening triads

Person A - Israa
How do you understand/ intepret an open science ecosystem?
A lot, overhwleming, two words that stood out were open and ecosystem. Exchange ideas, learn, teach, part of a community, no solid rules that limit. You should be able to flourish in this ecosystem and build upon existing systems.
How do you relate to it?
She is transitioning in her career, something new. Would feel intimidated re who is doing this already, best practice. This system would provide good source of info

Are you already working on something which could evolve into an open science ecosystem?
Possibly! Now I understand what it is, definitely something that I would consider moving into/developing.

Person B: Suze
How do you understand/ intepret an open science ecosystem?
so interesting to me far away from the area i work in\in drug discovery we are orientated towards patents and profit
Sonds like an amazing idea just want to know how it will be implimented

How do you relate to it?
coudl be sold as an educational concept would be about processes in the background and useful to ways to share knoledge
am ialready woring on this and being an educator a,m] i part of an open source education system
balance of corporate with education and value of knoledge

Person C - Johnny:
How do you understand/ intepret an open science ecosystem?
Origins of the what the internet used to be - idealistic concept of a community thatprovides information and content, sharing. Free information. Who is it curated by and can they be trusted. Shared knowledge pool with experts providing information
How do you relate to it?
as a Millenial - inadvertedly part of such networks e.g. peer to peer sharing. Don’t relate in a communal way.
Are you already working on something which could evolve into an open science ecosystem?

I do know what it is but not giving it the label. As a filmmaker you cant find answers to technical questions online - you need to seek that info somehwreeelse.