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Hi @owen you asked for a post aggregating webkit related bugs/improvements:

  • Event Registration - we cannot see where registration info is going or indeed if it has been collected anywhere? Also, if you fill in the form you get confirmation that the registration is done, but no email confirmation - Edgeryders | Start

  • Link to original topic on Edgeryders platform is missing: Pages I News I Events pages generated via do not link back to the right topic on

  • Subcategories on “Project” pages:

    • Subcategories displays on pages for some categories (e.g for witness) but not for others (e.G EarthOS
  • Header for the section of project pages where subcategories are collected is now named “Categories”. it would be better to rename it “Activities” - as categories and subcategories are our own internal terminology and can be confusing to “outsiders”…

  • Renaming header of subcategory section on Edgeryders | Start pages from “Categories” to “Activities”

  • Subscription to news from platform: There is currently no way for anyone to monitor news from the platform around the projects of interest to them. Is there anyway they can be signed up to receive link to “news” posts on pages?

These should all be fixed now.

  • Headers on pages/events/news have links back to platform
  • Event registration happens through Baserow now (see login details)
  • There is a Subscribe option on project pages now (also working with Baserow)
  • Renamed projects to activities, and fixed bug not displaying subcategories on EarthOS

A note on the Baserow implementation (for @matthias in particular)

This is currently set up with their hosting service. Once we have our own server instance set up, it should be simple enough to migrate to it - only requiring a new API key (and updating the database ID).

The private API key is now stored in an environmental file and used via a lambda function thanks to Netlify Functions. This means there is no risk of private api keys being exposed.

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