It was awesome!

A personal thanks to everyone that contributed to this. It was my first Congress, and it was made so much better by having a “home” in the broader 31C3 space, with @igel, @cjd, @danohu, @elf_Pavlik, @Dorotea, @msanti and Thomas. And of course many many thanks to @Nadia for driving it!


Hey Alberto

I’ve been trying to contact you for a couple of weeks now.

Is there a publicly available email, apart from the contact [at], that you use?


use alberto [at] edgeryders [dot] eu. Public key here.

Came home w/ 3 power strips (and I didn’t leave with any!) one looks to be @msanti 's and has a power adapter. If you lost a powerstrip lemme know. Also @igel I have one of your ebox power supplies.

yes, one is mine. I had to left the venue and didn’t find you anymore. So, feel free to use it in the most useful way!