Italy: governement and banca intesa

just to inform you that i have started a process of approaching the italian government together with some other people/organizations as they want to explore ways and methodologies to “listen to citiznes and stakeholders”

on the other side i am meeting with banca intesa friend …he is now in charge of the bank in Ukraine and can understand if in any way the bank can be interested in supporting ER in some eastern countries.

if for both preliminary opprotunities " you have something to suggest to show and see…let me know


feed back from banca intesa

the proposition is too cloudy, not concrete, hard to get…you have to tell less who you are and much better what concretely do and delvier.

numbers images of events and contents. it looks too much like teorethical document like project offer


Thanks for the feedback @Simonedb, and thanks for trying. I have no idea how to make the proposal more concrete, I am afraid. Perhaps we will get some better ideas after Spot The Future has ended, but I am afraid that we will need people like you to make the translation across to the corporate space. Do you understand what our value proposition is? i think you do, otherwise we would not be in this conversation. But if so, why do you think the people you talk to don’t get it?

Funnily enough, our methodology appears extremely concrete from the inside. Have you read this post, written – after all – by someone who represents the client?