It's sent! And over a day to spare, yayy for teamwork!

Ofcourse the printer that worked fine all along had to give up on us today of all days. Good thing we have a print shop within walking distance. Lesson learn: make sure you are 100% sure about the deadline and the format for delivery of applications and tender processes. Incredibly enough certain large organisations still want courier delivered print outs and CDs. So you need to give it at least 3 or4 days lead time unless you want to end up using an expensive delivery service like dhl


Well done everyone

Wow, that was stressful. But fun! [Noemi], can I ask you to post the technical proposal back onto the platform, updating my old wiki?

Sure thing.

What a promising start for our year of work. 23rd is the day we receive the evaluation and results, as I remember it. yaay!