Its time to Imagine your City

Imagine the City is a non-profit initiative developing campaigns and projects which aim at the aesthetic upgrade of urban environments, in Greece. We are inspired by Plato “The city is the way it is, because its citizens are who they are”. We like to think of ourselves as active citizens. We see the city as an extension of our home.

We are 11 young creators from different backgrounds, with a common passion for place identity and urban regeneration. We are advised by a large network of 40 partners from academia, public, private and voluntary sectors, supported by groups of local volunteers in every city where an ‘Imagine the City’ project has been or is developed.

Our projects are designed with increased participation and high visibility in mind, for maximum impact.


To release the full potential of hundreds of existing students and professionals who create and innovate within Greece’s educational institutions.


To open a new and productive dialogue between society and experts from areas such as Architecture, Urban Planning, Design and the Applied Arts.


To empower creativity and showcase innovative solutions for Greek cities across the web and through exhibitions across the country.


To inspire and engage citizens to get actively involved in projects which affect the built environments and public space around them.


To generate public-private partnerships  and interdisciplinary clusters in order to develop specific projects aimed at urban regeneration.


To create innovative interventions on urban environments with a participatory and holistic approach.


- | Αn on-line platform which sparks a constructive dialogue between inhabitants and organizations from different cities  and  Greece’s creative professionals in order to develop projects for improving built environments. Citizens can upload material of abandoned or untapped urban spaces and signal specific places that require aesthetic upgrading. Students and professionals in architecture, urban planning, design and applied arts then have a pool of suggestions in order to develop and suggest site-specific studies while promote their work online.

- Imagine the City exhibitions | Studies, ideas and projects about a specific city, initially presented on the platform, are gathered in order to be showcased to the local community. Plastic models, 3D material, sketches, videos and photographs are presented in public spaces in order to allow citizens to imagine their city through a creative lens and incite public debate on place making and urban revival. Exhibitions are enriched with a series or parallel events such as workshops, presentations and open discussions, in order to engage citizens to the issues tackled and disseminate creativity and innovation to the local community.

- Co-production of 1st Panhellenic Place Marketing & Branding Conference | 300+ participants, 130 Presentations & International Speakers for 3 Days. Imagine the city  produced 10 parallel events in the city of Volos, actively engaging over 5000 citizens with issues related to Place Identity & Urban Regeneration. Also developed an unprecedented cross-sector network of partners and sponsors.

We welcome anyone who is interested in sharing ideas and methodology regarding these issues. We would like to think of ways that have great impact and creative intervention, using grassroots methods actively involving citizens and local communities in order to achieve change in mentalities and long-term results.

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Hey Mary, let’s stay in each other’s radar. I am involved in a bit for European City of Culture 2019 (in Italy) and we are looking at “wiki citiies”, “enabling cities” etc., the common thread being: a city that allows its citizens to collectively edit it.

I have to say that your video is a little too top down for my taste: big stage and space for audiences, people with microphones who talk and people without microphones who listen, people that give talks and people who applaud. The goal would be for no one at all to be audience!

We would be interested  in doing some sort of European project to investigate this vision. Are you working with some city in Greece already?

Hallo Alberto! Thank you very much for your thoughts.

I agree with you on the involvement degree in the Pan-hellenic conference (video). What we tried to do in this case was to spread contemporary theory on place branding in the city, to question the knowledge restriction within university and produce a city festival surrounding the conference.

There is no video yet for the Imagine the city exhibitions, we had already in Chalkida, Ag.Dimitrios Attika, Volos and Herakleion Crete. There are some 4-5 yet to come during the next year.

We are working on a European project that I cannot announce yet.

For restoring vibrancy issues, in case you have not already check this out:

We will keep in touch! Mary

paricipatory design&urban development around Europe

I came across the initiative, which I wrote abt on the platform which is also about using the potential of participatory projects for urban development. Kids from architecture school team up with one from the hood and pitch their projects in front of the representatives from development companies, investors and incubators.

Here is a google translate of their page on the Uni website:

The project is still on going, they will have an exhibition tomorow I’ll go to. I’m making a short video abt the projetc and how it is conducted.

Though it might be interesting to share experience in this field on the webinar?

Hallo “K”! Thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile:

Where do I find information about this webinar?

“p2p urbanism”

Hallo Dante!

Thanks for your

 Hallo Dante!

Thanks for your response, P2P Urbanism is a very interesting concept, we had a Nikos Salingaros skype interview in “Imagine the city: Herakleion 2012”. Thanks a lot! :)