Jakob (the one)

What are you taking away from the collaborathon? What are you learning?
I‘m a bit overwhwlmed and fed up with colabathon bc I need to actually put in the work
Was a warm and loving atmosphere but it’s not what gets me productive.
Connection was more supported than productivity
I’m learning that I need to listen more to what I feel like I really need.

Omniwin popped up only recently, and more and more people seem to be in this sphere.

What is the person who is speaking saying? Please try to write every word – sometimes a single word can unlock a lot of thoughts!

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Where does it go from here? How do you want to continue? What are you curious to explore next?

I want to continue connecting with certain people on a deeper level and sense into what I feel need to happen next, not just talk about that with other people
I need more deep Work by myself

How the visualization or the linguistics around or the semantics can help us nurture a common understanding of humanness

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