January deadline, organisation of the webinar

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It’s coming along. Still need to fix some bugs and issues - likely online on Wednesday night or Thursday morning if all goes well.

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I first thought that we would only have the History on the website, but I think we should add other pages too as they reach maturity.

This will also help us keep track of canon while still being very tolerant of new pages being posted in the Witnesspedia. What gets lifted up to the website is what is considered mature canon.


Its looking pretty :slight_smile:

you should check with @yudhanjaya the images he posted were not under some copywriting of sort

Looking good, @hugi. I’ll sort out images today (if I’m not mistaken, we have replacements for my Townscaper originals) and see where I can help out with Avantgrid and Hygge edits.

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I actually find those quite evocative and effective illustrations of Denton’s utopianism. If we can keep them, I think it would be cool.

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If you feel like we should keep them

a) I can make more
b) we have permission from the creator of Townscaper to use them for the project!


I think I have some friends in common with that guy!

Cool, we now have a religion entry (Witness: Religious Life). I’ve pushed some changes to Hygge. @joriam, @alberto, if you can give the changes a glance, we can sign off on that and focus on Avantgrid and sports.

We still have a little bit to go on the website, @owen is fixing bugs and I am formatting and adding pages. It’s going to be pretty sweet actually!

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 00.51.46

It will be a really nice way to get people onboard. They will click around on the nice presentation website, until suddenly they click a wiki concept link that leads them to the article on the forum and they understand that what they have been reading can be directly influenced by participating in the conversation.


On it today.

@yudhanjaya, @Joriam, @lidiazuin, @hugi: can I ask you to leave a quick personal entry on the introductions topic? Philip (econ professor, American) has already found it. Go say hi!

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So, update:

Of the original plan:

The Covenant (religious, Benedictine worker economy): ready

The Assembly (communitarian-anarchist economy with an auto-decaying cryptocurrency): ready

Libria (Hayek-inspired libertarian cyberpunk, tinges of corporate dystopia): ready

Hygge (Central distrikt): ready, I think. We haven’t come to concensus on the underlying economic structure yet, but we have enough detail that we can leave that for other mind: ready

History of Witness: ready

New additions:

Avantgrid: ready
Aethnography: ready. Subtopics are REDR and the Pluriversity project.
Religion (this came together very fast): ready
Risk Bushido: ready

Future plans:

An entry on interDistrikt sport tournament, an event of massive social importantance. Cricket + an esport.
Entry on the Migrant Train

So we’re floating around 9/5 right now, 11/5 if you count REDR and the Pluriversity as individuals. I reckon we’re good to open the doors.

Well done, everyone. I’m going to pop up some Townscaper, put some music on, and see if anything I create feels like it could be more art for Witness.

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This looks pretty epic!

Let me present to you: scifieconomics.world!

It’s grabbing all content directly from the wiki pages, so as they are updated, the website keeps in sync.

There are only a few minor things still to be done before we can share it far and wide:

  • We need to write the About Us page
  • There are some minor formatting issues, where some levels of header tags are not getting the right formatting
  • Blog component is a little scrambled on mobile
  • There is a minor but stubborn bug where the wrong share attachment is showing up when posting https://scifieconomics.world/ on social media

@owen is working on the second two, and we need to compose the text for the About Us together. We should also add more people to the list - the people from Messina, myself, @ivan, @lidiazuin, more?

Can somebody help me gather and write the text for the about page? @ivan?

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What a useful concept!

Reference to @nadia?

Useful exercise. I will try and give it a shot.


@hugi, the Terms of Participation and Privacy Policy are but cryptic, looks like a link is missing: “these community guidelines”, but where are they?

There are a couple of content issues, but, as you say, I can address them directly by editing the relevant posts.

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That is another issue that @owen has on the TODO - to enable custom footers. Right now the same footer is used for all webkit sites.

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All of the bugs above are fixed.

I think all we need to do before going live and sharing the website is to update the About Us.

We need:

  • A better bio-text for Fondazione di Comunità Messina
  • Bio and picture for @alberto
  • Bio and picture for @yudhanjaya
  • Bio and picture for @Joriam
  • Bio and picture for @nadia
  • Bio and picture for Michela De Domenico
  • Bio and picture for Marco Lo Curzio


Nadia E.N. Edgeryders Co-Founder. Leading development of the SciFi Economics Lab. nadia@edgeryders.eu

no worries. i will have it for tomorrow

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Here are the bios we used in the booklet
(for Nadia - use the one she wrote above: “Nadia E.N. Edgeryders Co-Founder. Leading development of the SciFi Economics Lab. nadia@edgeryders.eu

If all of you other cats wish to change the text, now is the moment

Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

Author of Numbercaste, The Inhuman Race, and several other stories available from HarperCollins and Aethon Books.

Nominated for the Nebula Award, published on ForeignPolicy and Slate, and appeared on Amazon bestseller lists.

Researcher for Data, Algorithms and Policy team at LIRNEasia, a think tank working across the Global South; Co-founder and editor of Watchdog Sri Lanka, a fact checker.

For the rest of the time, Yudhanjaya argues with the cat, tinkers with OSUN, a series of AI+human experiments in creativity, builds imaginary floating cities

Joriam Ramos

Author and networks specialists.

Works as Enspiral’s Catalyst - a self managed servant leader role that aims to turn the network’s invisible resources into something visible and available for all. Creator and manager of Jojojo, a personality exploration cardgame that uses weird and profound questions to accelerate connections between people. Proud owner of a sci fi Youtube channel.

Alberto Cottica

Head of Science Fiction Economics Lab. Economist and network scientist, expert on online collaboration, collective intelligence, and participatory, networked organization. Worked with governments and IGOs in various capacities; now entrepreneuring at Edgeryders; civic hacking with Wikitalia and Spaghetti Open Data. In the past a reasonably successful rock musician (Wikipedia), but he is trying to quit.

Nadia El-Imam

One of the founders and directors of Edgeryders . Leads the strategic development for Edgeryders Environment and the Climate unit and was born in Sweden to African parents, raised in Europe and Asia. She is an engineer and designer and specialises in building platforms for citizen engagement and distributed collaboration.

Michela De Domenico

Architect and comics artist, PhD in Engineering construction: the project of recovery. Her comics were published by KAPPAedizioni, Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza, Tunuè, Edizioni Intercultural. Supports her research in the field of architecture design, teaching at the Messina Art School, creating comics and storyboards.

Marco Lo Curzio

Designer specialised in graphic interactive communication. Professor of graphic design at AFAM-MIUR.

These are the portraits:
Marco_Lo_Curzio joriam portrait s200_michela.domenico

@lidiazuin it would be cool if you sent yours too

so i got a reply from Michela and Marco. Could you please change their profiles?

Better photos are:
michela-de-domenico2 LO_CURZIO2_BN_019

The text Marco asked is this:

He graduated in Architecture at University of Reggio Calabria, Italy and specialized in Interface Design at the Domus Academy in Milan.

In 1999 he found Sciara srl, a company dedicated to promoting cultural actions and media design. Since 2011, he directs the hub of activity of Sciara as a film and television production company, as creative producer and project manager.

Since 2006 he teaches Graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania.

Michela has sent this one:

Architect and comics artist, Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering construction. She has published several papers and the book “Fantastic architecture, the visionary archetypes of the comic strip” for Interscienze edizioni and has partecipated in several International Architecture Conferences. She also made comics for KAPPA editions, Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza, Tunuè, Edizioni Interculturali, storyboards and street art works. Her style is characterized by graphic lines of a dirty black and white, mixed with watercolor, realistics and visionary environments. She supports her research in the field of architectural design, teaching at the Messina Art School “Basile”.

Done, @ivan!

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