Jet-14 contact point with Matexi

hey @reef-building
i got in touch by chance in an event with someone from matexi
Hans Weymans
he said he does not work in brussels but if i send him an email he will put me in touch with the project developper from JET-14 (chausee de jettte)
let me know if you want me to try this, i can also give you the contact details and you can do the move.cheers


As I said, ants antennas everywhere!! :smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The architects will have access to the plans of the project through the commune this week, and will be able to discuss with the urbanism to see what is the “recours” about.
But I guess the more info we can get the better?

My first feeling is that there is no harm in asking, and you could send an email putting the reef in cc so that we can follow up with the contact afterwards.

But maybe wait for more members of team building to see this and react :slight_smile:


@manuelpueyo, personally, I don’t think it’s in The Reef’s interest to try anything with Matexi because it’s very sensitive with the seller, it’s none of our business (conflict in between) and it could turn out to be to our disadvantage.
But a good Brussels contact with Matexi (as we have with is welcome to use their rejected sites !


i don’t know much about this so i prefer not to comment. personally i am always in favor of trying to bring clarity and light and asking things even if they seem to be our enemies. but maybe this is too naive in this case.
just if you want me to pass you this contact i can send you via private message and I let you rock !!

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Yes, thank u