Jitsi tool for group online video conferences

This is a list of jitsi instances that may work better than then Jitsi official public instance which may be too busy sometimes. if there are too many people using at the same time then it may be slow.

list of alternative jitsi instances

list of community run instances
libre service by libre_service.eu

the concept of “instances”

jitsi is an open source free tool. the code is available. anybody can copy the code and install it on their own server / cloud. as you can see above, there are many organizations that offer their instance for free to the public to use.


Obviously not following all the technicals!

But would that be good platforms for us to use? What are their advantages?

Thanks for ‘éclairer ma lanterne’ :slight_smile:

yes. they are all good, I recommend their use

the main advantages are

  • free to use no limit of time

  • privacy

I have heard the other day in the meeting that jitsi was slow so I decided to provide alternatives. if you need to do a test let me know, it’s easy