JoatU - Jack of all trades Universe

The Jack Of All Trade Universe is an online marketplace for self-organized exchanges. The JoatUnit is a currency that is generated to promote community activities such as planting community gardens or teaching classes.

We are launching an international crowdfunding campaign on April 22, 2014 to have JoatU built in all it’s glory!

Please visit for loads more information.  Also be sure to follow and share on social media!

Welcome, Jamie, my name is Alberto. This project hits a nerve – we are all wondering about money, and whether we cannot improve it somehow. Two comments:

  1. to even begin to understand JoaTU we'd need to have more information. I suggest you post a link right in the project description.
  2. for some time now, @Matthias and others have been working on an algorithm to enable multi-party (network) barter. Their work led to the Makerfox, now in testing phase. We are all looking forward to its deployment. In fact, we are going to try and use it to foster more collaboration in Edgeryders itself. I suggest you look it up, you might find it interesting.

Also, logo!

Another thing, Jamie! Please edit the JoaTU group and add a logo in the proopriate place – otherwise it will ot show up in the projects page, one of the most used entry points to browse Edgeryders.

Is the logo in the appropriate place now?

I changed it to be a square logo, is that right?

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HI @JamieKlinger nice to see you heer :slight_smile:

Yup :slight_smile:

For some reason it had been saved, but not published. Now it works; it is visible to all and displays correctly.