Job opportunity: campaigner for the Right to Repair, Brussels-based



Our friends @janetgunter and Ugo Vallauri are fighting the good fight against electronic waste with their Restart Project. They are now hiring a campaigner to help them with the Right to Repair, that aims to prevent companies from forbidding anyone else but them to open and fix the stuff you have already bought and paid for.

It’s important work, and they are lovely people. Don’t miss on the opportunity to work with them. Info and applications at the link below.

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Thanks @alberto for sharing. Perhaps we’re biased, but we think this is a really exciting opportunity to push for system change in Brussels. It’s good for the climate, and there’s also a justice/fairness angle. We’ve got some big institutional NGO and policy partners, and Restart’s job is to channel the grassroots energy from community repair.

Please message me if you have any questions at all!


Nice to see you around here @janetgunter!
@yannick’s crowd at Tournevie tool library could be good candidates, if they have capacity.
Meanwhile, happy to push the call via our social media channels, I’m sure you’ll find a good fit in no time, this looks exciting.


@noemi and @janetgunter, i will propose it on our volunteer page, yeah maybe somebody could be interested in this, it looks really like a nice opportunity.