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TREASURE aims to bridge the knowledge gap in circular economy principles and empower automotive actors to make informed decisions that enhance circularity, minimise waste, and maximize resource utilisation.

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Economies of Scale - how can we limit production?

Cars are discarded after just 15 years, a consequence of constant new additions pushing older models into obsolescence. Can the automotive industry shift from mass production to a more sustainable, localized, and customer-centric model? How might these changes reshape our relationship with automobiles? Join us in discussing these fascinating developments and their implications for the future of car manufacturing.

Car longevity, periodic testing, and the international flow of secondhand cars

Join the conversation exploring the interests of domestic car manufacturers under the guise of safety, the longevity of cars, and the potential shift in governmental focus from industry protection to genuine consumer welfare. Navigate this intriguing landscape, understanding the real impact of these policies and envisioning a future where the longevity and utility of cars align more closely with the public interest.

What to do next?

Share your perspectives and insights on the challenges and opportunities of implementing circular economy principles in the automotive industry and shaping a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future for the automotive sector.

We are funding this through research grant 101003587 (Horizon2020 programme) from the European Commission for Treasure, the European research project on the circular economy in the automotive industry. Your contributions will inform our research results, which will eventually be published online and made freely available for everyone to read. Here you can find our rules of engagement

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