Join the Local Outreach and Engagement team!

Hi and welcome to the Local Outreach team! Taking on this task gives you a ticket to the OpenVillage Festival.

The challenge is: How we can tell the story of the OpenVillage Festival in a way that appeals to people doing inspiring work in community care in Belgium and the neighbouring countries. More specifically, how to engage Belgians and others based in the region to participate actively in the OpenVillage Festival: present their initiatives, the story of what they are doing and why, and answer questions and comments here on the platform.

It’s a nice opportunity to discover and meet new people near you. Maybe even make new friends :slight_smile:

Description of activities

Think of someone doing something interesting near you: it can be a person, project, place or organisation.

1. Schedule a coffee / meeting with them, tell them about what we are doing, and ask them a set of key questions (possibly even get them on a mobile video camera):

  • Summary of your project?
  • What is welfare to you? How do you access/ offer care in your community?
  • How does your work relate to it?
  • Who/what is crucial to welfare with respect to your work? and in general?
  • Who is doing impactful work to address challenges in Belgium? In other countries?
  • What questions or problems do you have to ask the other participants from about the ones coming from abroad? 

2. Invite people in your conversation/interview videos to propose a session or activity for the OpenVillage event program. Model invitations for sessions are here.

3. Write a thoughtful story featuring the person and their work. What did you learn about them and their work? What questions does it raise for you? When you feel ready, post your story here and email us at to claim your ticket.

If you have questions or need a little help, leave a comment below and someone from the rest of the team will answer.

Throwback to 2014: a little bit of the Edgeryders spirit, our diversity and how community events tend to play out.. 

LOTE4: The Stewardship from Edgeryders on Vimeo.