Join us for the Online Community Call

Hello all ,

We will be happy to invite you to our community call tomorrow at 6 pm Cairo time in this session will:

Welcome new members
Collect your feed backs
and announce our guests for the Open Village Festival that will take place in Brussels , next month ,

The community call is an opportunity to discuss your work progress and whether you need a support.

Don’t miss the online community call please leave a comment to confirm your participation.
If you have any question about the fellowship or the the festival please leave a comment we will collect them and answer them later
We are waiting for you !

PS: To make an effective community call, that will take about 45 min, please follow these instructions: Present yourself and your project in less than 1 min, turn off your mic when you are not talking to avoid the sound parasites.

@hazem @Yosser @Heba @baderdean @HadeerGhareeb @Sohayeb @FawzyOthman