Join us in Stockholm Sept 16th for a half-day conference on digital technology, legal frameworks and policy development

In 1995 two events happen that will forever transform Sweden.

Sweden joins the EU and the commercial Internet is born.

The free movement of people and goods within the EU has brought us much good as well has the free movement of information online. Both the multinational collaboration of the EU and the ever expanding digital infrastructure has created favourable conditions for people and business to grow. But at the same time the new structures creates new type of obstacles for the weakest groups in society. To become an included part of “society” today is harder than ever. You need digital e-passes, mobile plans and hard to get knowhow. These are economic, judicial and social challenges we stand rather naked in front of.

22 years into this new reality the conference “More than beggars” brings together non-profits, governmental and for-profit organizations to jointly understand and draw up new paths and solutions to give EU citizens in vulnerable situations better opportunities. The conference will address: What policies do we need to enforce and tools do we need to make available to vulnerable migrant groups to create the opportunity to grow instead of being ostracized? What are the most prolific strategies to apply at the local level in Sweden to break negative circles? How do we build a digital infrastructure that is available to everyone?

Are you more interested in solutions than bans? Join us at Kulturhuset in Stockholm on Sept 16th for a half-day conference on digital technology, legal frameworks and policy development.

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