Join us in the greening of Mediterranean maritime hubs: December 2-4 in Valencia!

EarthOS - Edgeryders environment and climate unit - is recently born to work actively on projects connected to sustainability, deep adaptation and ways to face the challenges that climate crisis is bringing to our societies.

Our partner EIT Climate-KIC launched the strategy Transformation, in Time and one of the major points of the strategy are Deep Demonstrations of a Net-Zero Emissions, Resilient Future.

As Edgeryders, we are now working with EIT Climate-KIC on the first wave of Deep demonstrations, specifically on “Deep demonstrations of net-zero emissions, resilient maritime hubs”. Here is the description provided by EIT Climate-KIC:

Ports are places where multiple systems collide – shipping, energy, waste, tourism and othertransport for example. They are emissions hotspots in themselves, but also hubs with the potential to effect enormous change. In a phased way, EIT Climate-KIC will work with a small cohort of high-ambition port authorities […] to demonstrate how ambitious maritime hubs can be catalysts for reversing the fast-growing emissions from international shipping and trade hotspots.

Our “challenge owners” are the port of Valencia, the port of Athens and a group of ports and shipping industries in Cyprus.

Now, we are organising a workshop that will be hold in Valencia on 2-4 December 2019: the aim is to create a safe space for the challenge owners and communities on the edge to interact constructively. We need inspirational initiatives, activists, people radically innovating the maritime industry to reduce its impact on ecosystems to be there with us and bring their experience to the discussion.

Are you the person we are looking for? Do you know that person? Let’s connect here :slight_smile:

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