JOIN US - The EdgeRyders Internal Pre-Call for unMonastery Pledges


unMonastery Starts Here - Pre-Call to the EdgeRyders Network

As highlighted in the last blogpost summarising Sunday’s meetup, we’re ready to put out the initial call for applications for unMonastery Matera - 2013. This first call is restricted to the EdgeRyders network that gave birth to the project, the primary reason for this is that individual EdgeRyder’s already have a clear understanding of the project and have been contributing to its articulation from the start. Once we have a number of EdgeRyders on board as a core team to take the project forward, we’ll be ready to define the future shape of unMonastery and make an open-to-all international call in mid April. 

The pledge form itself lists a number of questions, these questions come from all directions, giving you the ability to propose a fixed idea, highlight potential future spaces and most importantly it enables those pledging to contribute to the overall form of what unMonastery is to become. At this time we haven’t developed a fixed approach to the peer-review process we’ll be using for accepting pledges but rest assured this will be managed in a wholly transparent manner on the EdgeRyders platform. 

This pledge form asks that you make a proposal for what you will contribute to the unMonastery, in the form of a project - areas for project development have provisionally been defined as Internal, Interface and Outreach. We are leaving clear definition for what constitutes each area at this time up to you, since we believe that this should be a co-production process. But to give some guidance on how we currently understand how each area is characterised and set to function, here are some examples:


Internal: might relate to an urban permaculture project focused on food security for the unMonastery, equally it may focus on creating a methodology or an open source social template for reproduction of the unMonastery in the future. 

Interface: could take as it’s primary concern local integration, perhaps in the form of a mapping exercise of social assets in Matera or a series of convivial events designed to better bridge interaction between unMonasterians and the local population. This could also take the form of workshops with the local population focused on resilience, web design or something else that relates directly to your skillset. 

Outreach: would explicitly be focused on the kinds of projects that will be enacted outside of the unMonastery during our time there. This could be anything from a street thearter production to finding a use for Matera’s wealth of underground water supplies. 

It order to get a better understanding for what you might bring to the first unMonastery and the context, specifically in Matera, it’s worth reading these posts about the location and other design issues, information available on the working group: 

And from EdgeRyders early discussions (forgive the cache version, they’re old EdgeRyder posts):

We’re excited to be putting this initial call out and very much look forward to receiving your proposals!