Jonny Cosgrove - founder of

My name is Jonny Cosgrove, I am Chief Executive of We make virtual reality meeting room software, specifically for high-participative, highly collaborative meetings of three to 20 people.

We bring in more body language than you would have on a video call by using the tech VR. For me it feels like this is the next stage, where you want to know whose turn it is to speak, where you want to make sure that everybody’s engaged. No one on our calls is sitting in the corner doing nothing. It’s high energy and it’s getting real problems solved.

People are always going to get together. Humans are social creatures, we get together to learn. The main thing right now is getting doors back open, but we need to be really specific about the competitive advantages of the learnings of the last few months. Virtual meetings are a part of that.

ping @MariaEuler same thing re burning question…

I read through the whole interview. I still don’t completely picture how it works. Everyone wears a VR headset and then sees what? Each other IRL? Avatars in a virtual room?