Journalism: everybody must have the right to information

I think internet is a basic need because everybody must have the right to information.

I am used to share articles that I find interesting on the net using  social media, mainly Twitter ( and Facebook.

Everyday I keep an eye on international press and I try to discover news which are not on mainstream media and on the opposite a lot of users are sharing on social networks.
I think people are learning to share very interesting news online which do not have often room on mainstream media.
Today readers help journalists to know what it is interesting and what it is not. Journalists should be able to listen and understand these huge amount of new voices coming from the web. 
Nowadays Internet enables people to check all the information they want. Journalist must be more responsible than before because every single reader is a fact-checker who assures transparency and truthfulness.

This was the thaught I wanted to share with you.

Going professional

Very true. There are even people who started fact checking for fun and ended u becoming professionals, like Italian (but Switzerland-based) blogger Paolo Attivissimo:

He has been doing his “antibufala” (hoaxbuster) activity since 2003, and got more almost ten million page views over 350 fact-checking investigations!

Fact-checking platform

Yeah Alberto, Attivissimo is a perfect example.

Allow me to mention a new platform which enables every citizen to help with his contribution to public fact-checking. Here in English and Italian.

If a netizen thinks that a a piece of news could be false he can easily publish the link of the article and with the contributions of the users it is possibile to establish if it is false or not.

here explained how it works