Julia Reda at LOTE5 – Care track

Julia Reda, the only Pirate MEP, is up for coming to LOTE5. We had discussed this possibility back at 32C3.

She is part of a group of European lawmakers concerned with software transparency. That includes cars (the infamous Volkswagen diesel engines), Internet of Things, implants etc. I asked her to say something like:

  1. Europe is attempting to regulate software transparency. This has consequences for medical (implants, prosthetics) and social (sensors) care. 
  2. This gives us some windows for impact: that is, how OpenCare's results could be useful to which regulatory processes. 

Strategically, I like the idea to start working with lawmakers at the beginning of OpenCare. We might increase our impact by spinning off reports and memos that Julia and others like her find useful, and deploy on their parliamentary activity.

I propose we put it in the OpenCare Files session, which is at this point from 16.30 to 17.30 on Friday 26th. I suggest we do only one thing in that session: a Q&A discussion introduced by a robust intro on “debunking welfare” by @markomanka. Marco could equally play host, asking some participants to come forward and linking what they have to say to the main theme. Such "special participants (or panelists, if you like) could be:

  1. Julia herself (transparency of software and care).
  2. @Luciascopelliti or @Rossana_Torri (prototyping community welfare: what works and what does not).
  3. @Costantino or @zoescope (DIY aids for care).

I expect that @Lakomaa might have something to add to Julia’s points on regulation. If Simona shows up, we’ll figure out how to fir her in.

Do you all agree?

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More than I could have hoped for :slight_smile:

Sounds terrific to me.

OK, then it’s on

@markomanka, final effort:

  • update the description of your even accordingly. Highlight that participants are more than welcome to get involved in the discussion with the panelists.
  • add start/end date and time
  • I will update the program page, confirm with Julia and put you two in touch. 


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…However, I do not find an “edit” option for that event description. Maybe @noemi can help me?

Here it is

The “Edit” tab is above the LOTE5 logo. @markomanka

Mm maybe send out a press release about this?

I’m meeting a Brussels based journalist specialising on EU related news. I’ll prepare a first draft of a press release ahead of our meeting tomorrow and ask for feedback. Then once it’s cool I’ll forward it to some Press/comms people at EC and EU parl. I’d maybe print an A4 and have someone slip it into offices of people working on relevant issues/questions :))

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yes, we can give the DIY/Maker perspective on the topic

Could anyone suggest an article or paper written in human language to understand how Europe is attempting to regulate software transparency? It could help in having a more interesting Q&A if we could read the state of the art of the debate.

5-minutes intervention?


Kirsten and Walter might know, Also Julia herself

Maybe ping @Kirst3nF@whvholst@Senficon on twitter?