June on Edgeryders (01/06 - 01/07)

This month was one of the most active and important months on Edgeryders! Before, during and after the lote conference the community stayed engaged by posting and commenting interesting reports. The top 10 countries in terms of page visits this month are:  France (2.172), UK (1.562), Italy (1.467), Spain (843), USA (813), Germany (662), Sweden (396), Canada (353), Belgium (340), Romania (285).

Popular Mission Reports of the month: Vinay’s “Europe is at risk of war”, blog post “Living on the Edge - facilitating the transition of youth to an independent active life”, Anthony’s “Dear Funders letter” and Ben’s “Between Squatting, Data Mining and Gold Farms”.

Next steps: Have you read the “unpackaging” from the breakout sessions? If not, you can do it here . We are looking forward your your comments and thoughts on this experience in order to keep the feeling of it alive :slight_smile: If you have photos, videos or other material you want to share, please do it here. And… don’t forget to stay active on the platform and tuned to learn about the initiatives started on the LOTE :slight_smile: (coming soon)