KENZIMOR / Morocco

Problèmatique: Les coopératives marocaines au milieux rurales ont besoin d’une solution créative pour commercialiser leurs produits.
La solution: une plateforme d’intermédiation entre toutes les coopératives du milieux rural et le consommateur final y compris les touristes, afin de commercialiser et mettre en valeur les produits locaux marocains ainsi que la création de l’emploi. @jihadiss @Labiedzayneb

Hello Oubahaaya, could you tell me a bit about which Moroccan cooperatives you have spoken to? If not, I would recommend going to have some tea with at least three cooperatives and learning more about their process, their situation, distribution and transport, packaging, what prices that they sell for their products now and where the profit margin is the highest in the process . Who are the big players in this industry? I highlight this because it is important to understand whether there are political realities or vested interests who might see what you are trying to do as competition… or other external factors that you have to be aware of to increase the success…