Problématique: Les coopératives marocaines du milieu rural ont besoin d’une solution créative pour commercialiser leurs produits .
Solution: une plateforme d’intermédiation entre toutes les coopératives du milieu rural et le consommateur final y compris les touristes pour commercialiser et mettre en valeur les produits locaux marocains ainsi que la création de l’emploi . @jihadiss @oubahaaya

Hi Zayneb, welcome to Edgeryders.

I am not sure if you were following our talk about how to develop products and services. Basically our main point was that it is important to start by understanding the situation, the motivations, needs and how people already are working in the sector of your interest. Please have a look at these questions and answer them to the best of your ability. If today is a day where there is a market open it is the best time to go and talk to people to help you find some answers. Perhaps you can also ask family and friends some questions about their consumption habits so you know how others relate to these topics that you care about

Could you tell me a bit about:

  1. What drew you to think about natural products, do you yourself use natural products?
  2. Which kinds of natural products are the most popular in your town or city? In your country?
  3. Where and how are these products grown or produced? This is important to know because then you know which suppliers you need to make a good offer to. For example I think I heard that in Morocco argan oil is often produced by women in social cooperatives - so you would need to go to talk to them to find out about pricing, what troubles they face and what you could help them with.
  4. How and where people who are interested in natural products are currently getting hold of them?
  5. What are the difficulties of the people who are currently producing and distributing these natural products facing?
  6. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, your own educational background or skillset? What kind of tasks do you enjoy doing?

Basically, I would ask you to find the answers to the different parts of this template, and then write a comment below with your answers.

hi zayneb am here for helping you in your our project, so am a graphic designer and web designer and developer

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