Kickoff event proposal: Brussels, February 2016

The tradition of EC funded projects is that partners take turns in hosting consortium meetings. In OpenCare, we have agreed on the “one day to talk, one day to do” rule: each consortium meeting sits back to back with a public event for the OpenCare community.

I would like to volunteer Edgeryders as the host of the first consortium meeting. The reason is: we have the opportunity of piggybacking on Living On The Edge 5, the main event of the Edgeryders community in 2016. This will happen in Brussels in February, and is being developed here. I can see a fantastic event shaping up, with @markomanka's Deep Games and some nerding out on networks by @melancon and myself which would be aimed at the consortium (under task 1.1, “Sharing knowledge for consortium interoperability”) but open to the public. In fact, you all would be asked to hold some session to share knowledge.


  • Early onboarding of a big chunk of the ER community.
  • LOTE5 will reach out to a number of people, organisations and communities outside ER (see this discussion) . We could bake into the event a special attention to OpenCare-ish ones
  • Proximity to the EC headquarters – higher likelihood that our project officer shows up.
  • Moules et frites and great, affordable Belgian beer.

What do you guys think? Also ping @ireinga.

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Sounds terrific

It sounds like a very nice plan, and I am sure we can bring a bit of extra fun to the community (not that they would be missing on that, but…). @alberto can we elaborate on this when we’ll meet in a couple of weeks? I may need to have a crash introduction to the “program” for the LOTE5, to think about what we can play with.


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By all means

With pleasure, Marco. A video from LOTE4 (below) can give some idea of the LOTE spirit. I’ll do my best to brief you, though @ireinga is in charge of developing LOTE5, and I think it will reflect her and @KiraVde's personalities by being more playful and… Belgian than the previous editions. wink

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Let’s do it (-- Ella)

I like to think this would give OpenCare a double breath, giving it a chance to experience a boosted kickstart.

February is good, this would leave us some time to prepare ahead of time, and launch internal organization before we meet on the ground.

P.S. How about EHFF? WeMake? Milano?

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I can definitely go to Brussels.

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let’s do it!

hi guys

sorry for this late reply. Its definitely fine for CdM to do the kick off in Brussels next Feb.

what is the EHFF Melancon mentioned?



Question was: “what is the EHFF Melancon mentioned?”

Hi Lucia,

I am unsure what you are asking, can you rephrase your question?




EHFF == The Institute for Economic and Business History Research (EHFF) at the Stockholm School of Economics smiley

shame on me I kindly apologise :-))))

we will be there

Ok for WeMake. We will attend the kick off event in Brussels!