"KID PITCH" event proposal

A. Event description

Overview of the event:
Behind every social innovation, there is a great story to tell. Our experience incubating social innovators showed that the most-exciting projects are not the most data-rich or the most clever, but those that have the best stories. And who is better to hear our stories than kids?
“KID PITCH” is a presentation session in which 8 social innovators pitch their ideas in front of a judges panel constituted of 5 kids. Social innovators are required to take the judges through their journey and answer all the questions asked by the panel. The social innovator will have only 5 mn to present, followed by 8 mn questions from the judges’ panel. The judges’ panel will be constituted of 5 curious kids between the ages of 10 and 12 that are actively engaged with Sciencia, a Tunisian social enterprise that works on offering a set of products and services for kids to enjoy discovering and learning Sciences and Technologies.
Participation criteria for social innovators will be defined by the leading organization.

The objective of the event:
In the entrepreneurial sphere, it is said that if you can’t explain your business model well enough for kids to understand, then you are not ready for prime time in front of investors.
“KID PITCH” event aims at improving social innovators’ ability to communicate their projects succinctly and compellingly based on a strongly grounded story. The ability to communicate effectively will make them more prepared to engage with investors, partners, and other potential actors.

The benefits of the event to your community:
Kids are very honest and are comfortable asking unbiased questions about things they don’t understand. By having a panel made of kids, entrepreneurs are pushed to hedge their language and practice the art of simplicity and conciseness. The skills are extremely crucial when it comes to pitching for funding, measuring impact and seeking partnerships.
The social innovator winner will receive the KID PITCH award which consists of a professional video for his/her project made by the leading organization and communicated through all its channels.
This event is not only helping change the way that social innovators pitch their ideas but also it allows kids to learn critical thinking, practice problem-solving skills and see entrepreneurialism in action.
The selected 8 social innovators will post their projects on the Edgeryders platform to connect with the global online community.

B. Proposed Program
KID PITCH is a one-day event that brings together 8 social innovators willing to enhance their presentation and communication skills and refine their project pitch.
The morning session will be a 2-hour intensive training on storytelling and presentation skills. After that, participants will be given 1 hour to refine their pitch and practice their presentation. After the lunch break, the open presentation session will take place for 2 hours. Following the winner announcement and the vote of thanks for judges and participants, the attendees will be invited for a networking buffet in which social innovators get to receive more feedforward from the attendees. The event will take place on Saturday, November 30th.

D. Your Organisation Name:
EL Space Social Innovation Hub

C. Organizers Team
The organizer team from EL Space will be leading the event organization and communication. The team is constituted of a community & communication manager, graphic designer and project manager.

E. Venue
The event will take place at Maison de limage Tunisie. Based on our experiences organizing events for social innovators, this venue offers a good quality of service for a reasonable cost.


Thank you @Selsa for submitting your event proposal.
Our community manager will get in touch with you soon to invite you to participate in the online call to refine your event proposal.

Hello Selsa. I am curious as to whether this event could be done as an online format instead of a physical event?

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Thank you so much @nadia for this great suggestion. Is it possible to have a call to further discuss it and review the budget related to it?